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LTE CAT-1 embedded module will enable IoT devices to connect to LTE networks with lower-power and lower-cost

24% of the world’s population still depends on 2G technologies. The move away from legacy technologies will undoubtedly be a significant transition for many IoT and M2M companies because 2G and 3G connectivity are still the most used technologies for deployed devices.

With 2G and 3G technologies being phased out, their connection functions will be borne by the 4G and 5G networks. With the withdrawal of 2G and 3G, Cat-1 can fill the technical gap and meets the requirements of low power and low cost, and carry a voice medium on the LTE spectrum. It scales down bandwidth and communication demand to save power and cost for large-scale or long-range IoT systems. By reducing bandwidth and data strain, Cat 1 designs enable devices to communicate in straightforward terms with low power requirements. CAT 1 compared to legacy technologies allow real-time connectivity that is less expensive while providing reliable uptime with plenty of bandwidth and better building penetration.

  • LTE Cat 1, Downlink: 10 Mbps
  • WiFi Scan Integrated
  • Codec Integrated


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