Wireless & Networking

InVehicle G710 Gateway

High-performance Vehicle Network, Powerful Data Processing, Flexible Development
The InVehicle G710 is a high-performance LTE vehicle-mounted gateway for vehicle environments. Designed specially for public security, transportation and telecommuting, the InVehicle G710 equips the vehicle environment with strong edge computing capacity and high-speed vehicle networking, and multiple ports and functions that enable flexible updates and expansion for vehicle applications. It assists the center in effective vehicle management by combining vehicle resources and the central resources to achieve efficient coordination between vehicle applications and the enterprise center.

  • Designed for use on-board vehicles
  • Global satellite positioning
  • Inertial navigation
  • Driving behavior monitoring
  • Vehicle diagnostic information collection
  • Rich vehicle-mounted I/O
  • Edge computing
  • Fleet management platform
  • Developer features

InVehicle G710 Gateway

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