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Cervello (Saas) cloud to manage and monitor remotely IoT and M2M devices

Developed by IoTBlue, Cervello (Saas) cloud solution to manage and monitor remotely IoT and M2M devices, with infinite possibilities: data gathering, remote control, traffic management, metering, and many other applications.
Cervello has an easy integration, and facilitates infrastructure managing, allowing the customer to focus on their business. Costs, risks and time to market are reduced since there is no need for a developing team. It can be scalable as the business grows, and you only pay for what you use.

  • Privisioning and authentication
  • Controlling, monitoring and provisioning devices securely via APIs.
  • Collecting and storing telemetry data: Storing and collecting telemetry data securely. Accessing collected data via customizable web dashboards or server API.
  • Processing and action
    Defining data processing rules like agreggation, transformation, classification,etc. All of that in real time so the user can activate work and app flows later.
  • Work and app flow design
    Designing its application logic. Sending data to external systems or alarm activation and defined rules. Increasing server funcions or sending commands to the devices.
  • Visualizing and analyzing data
    Providing completely configurable widgets. Line graphics, digital and analog meters, maps and much more incorporated. Creating dashboards and sharing it with customers.
  • Remote control
    Controlling devices remotely through the dashbord or API. Sending RPC commands to devices and viceversa.
  • IoT gateway
    Integrating devices connected to installed systems using existent protocols. Connecting to OPC-UA or MQTT broker in minutes.
  • Device management
    Providing the ability to register and manage devices. Allowing to control on customer’s side and to provide server device attributes.
  • Multitenant
    A user can have several administrators as well as millions of customers and devices.
  • Horizontal scalability
    The applications ammount and server supported devices increases linearly as new Cervello servers are added. There is no inactivity time, the server does not restart nor do application errors pop up.
  • Fault tolerant
    All Cervello servers are identical. There are no master or waiting servers. Node fault is automatically detected. Fault nodes can be replaced without inactivity time. Persistent data are replicated using a high availability NoSQL data base.
  • Security
    Supporting transport encryption for MQTT and HTTP(s) protocols. Supporting devices authentication and managing devices credentials.
  • Personalization and integration
    Increasing the functionality of the predetermined platform through customizable implementations, widgets and transport. As well as MQTT, CoAP and HTTP support, Cervello users can use their own transport implementations or personalize the behaviour of existing protocols.

Cervello Cloud platform

for IoT applications

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