Wireless & Networking

ATEX-certified Router with Ethernet and Serial Interfaces

MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series is a simple to deploy cellular router designed to connect industrial and critical infrastructure assets with a high degree of reliability. Core to the product is the aspect of device management using the DeviceHQ® portal. DeviceHQ allows management of your device fleet, allowing updates, as well as connectivity and usage alarms, and device location (with GPS/Wi-Fi). Powered by 7-32 VDC the MultiConnect rCell is ideal for mobile and solar applicationswhere primary or secondary power is provided as DC. With a portfolio of security measures including VPN, the user is afforded secure connection for remote engagement such as PLC/RTU programming and custody transfer data collections.
These models are certified for use in hazardous locations in the United States and Europe, with Class I Division 2 Zone 2 or ATEX certifications, and rated -40° to +60° C operating temperature.

  • 4G-LTE Cat 4 (with 2G/3G fallback)
  • Optional GPS & Wi-Fi capabilities
  • A single unit for use on Verizon and AT&T
  • Serial and Ethernet interface with Modbus translation
  • Rugged, military and SAE tested
  • Remote device management (firmware version control)
  • Two-year warranty, upgradable to five years

rCell 100 Series

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