Power & EMC

New Power Brige™ 2kW Lithium Ion UPS

Critical applications demand reliable up-time. Whether trying to enhance lives with the latest chip production, save lives performing a surgery, or protect a nation, the operation depends on uninterrupted power.

Astrodyne TDI’s uninterruptible power sources have provided high reliability solutions to critical applications in the medical, industrial
and military markets for decades. The new Power Bridge ACUPS system provides backup power for critical applications while facility
emergency power ramps up.

Power Bridge UPS solutions are ideal for deployment in critical locations such as laboratories, surgical suites, industrial process
equipment, and military systems. With an output rating of 2000VA continuous (3000VA peak), along with battery capacity for >2 minutes
at full rated power, Power Bridge provides a cost effective solution to assure continuous operation of mission-critical equipment.

  • Lithium Ion batteries
  • Extended Battery options
  • Self-Test
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Rear Panel Circuit Breaker
  • Front Panel Indicators:
  • AC Input Status
  • AC Output On Lin
  • Fault a
  • Battery Status

Power Bridge Datasheet

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