Power & EMC

High Voltage, Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter

Input Voltage: 9-20 V, 9-40V, 9-60V, 9-90V

Output Voltage: 0-20V, 0-40V, 0-60V, 0-90V

Output Power: 120W-2000W

Output Current: 5A-55A

Full Load Efficiency: Up to 96%


  • Ultra-high efficiency up to 95%
  • Wide input voltage ranges:

– 9-20 V (NQ20); 9-40 V (NQ40); 9-60 V (NQ60/MCOTS-N-28V);
– 9-90 V (NQ90/MCOTS-N-28VE)

  • Non-isolated
  • Buck or Buck/Boost topologies available
  • Maximum input/output currents up to 55 A
  • On-board input and output filtering
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Remote sense and wide output voltage trim
  • Input under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Output current limit (OCP) and short circuit protection
  • Output over-voltage protection (OVP)
  • Thermal shutdown (OTP)
  • Output voltage trim
  • No maximum external output capacitance
  • Active current sharing for higher power applications (half-brick only)

HVNQ Product Fact Sheet

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