Power & EMC

DC/DC Converter, 300 W Single-Output 24 Vin – 110 Vin

This DC/DC converter is designed according to EN50155:2017 for railway applications and is ideal for other demanding environments which require the highest performance and reliability.
The IC313 power supply has a single output voltage and output power of 300 W.

  • Ultra-wide input voltage range: 14.4 – 154 VDC. This converter covers all EN 50155:2017 railway battery-voltages: 24 V, 28 V, 36 V, 48 V, 72 V, 96 V, 110 V.
  • Extremely wide temperature range: -50 – +85 °C.
  • Full power (no derating) over the entire temperature range.
  • Very high efficiency: Up to 96.7 % @ 110 Vin at full load.
  • Continuous-overload and short-circuit proof.
  • Hold-up time >10 ms: complies with class S2 according to EN 50155:2017 over the entire input voltage range.
  • Fully compliant with EN 50155:2017 and EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015


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