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Custom Power Distribution solutions

At Astrodyne TDI, we design and manufacture custom power distribution units (PDUs). With more than 60 years of experience in power supplies, EMI filter, and integration, we provide industry leading support for customers spanning the medical, industrial and semi-cap markets. PDUs are vital devices designed to distribute controlled, reliable power to various downstream elements with a multitude of safety, monitoring, and output control features.

Electronic equipment, especially units found in medical and industrial settings, require clean and consistent power for peak performance. Even a minor disruption in power can jeopardize the integrity of equipment and product, as well as the safety of workers and visitors.

Industrial power distribution units have numerous essential functions, including:

  • Power conditioning: This function prevents equipment from false readings, lockups and damage by mitigating power disturbances like surges, voltage spikes, high-frequency noise, sags, transients and more. Our custom PDUs also EMI compliant, using both filters and shielded enclosures as appropriate.


  • Power conversion: This function allows power source conversion between AC and DC. It also allows for voltage isolation and auto-transfer switching between two sources. The converted power is then distributed by an isolation transformer in the PDU to meet the needs of your facility.


  • Power control: Power control features include programmable or embedded controllers, switches, and relay logic. They integrate external signals and sensors to automate management and control of the power.


  • Power monitoring: Measure data on voltage, harmonics, transients and current so that you can accurately monitor your power supply. That way, you’ll be able to trust that things are running smoothly. Features such as alerts and set-points can be utilized to automate responses for non-deal or damaging power situations.

Power Distribution Solution unit Product Sheet

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