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CRPS Power Solutions for 5G Applications

In order to achieve high frequency and efficiency goal in a 5G communication environment, different 5G equipment needs power supplies with high power and small volume (namely having a high power density), and meeting the standard of intelligent power management. FSP Group has the largest variety of wattages of CRPS products in the industry, ranging from 550W to 3000W. In addition, 550W~2400W products are unified into the same size so that clients don’t need to adjust the size of their computer cases when upgrading, enjoying a smooth upgrade when changing to a power supply with a higher wattage.



  • High power, low loss. 80 PLUS Titanium certification.
  • Highest power density up to 74.2W / inch³.
  • Meet Intel’s CRPS 2.0 platform standard.
  • Meet the NEBS standard of network communication industry.
  • Compliant with tough conditions: applicable to a wide temperature range, surge-protection
  • Three input options available: AC/LVDC/HVDC.
  • Providing the most complete data center power supply solutions.
  • Having intelligent features that accept host monitoring.
  • Support Airflow in or out.

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