Power & EMC

Commercial Avionics Compliant AC-DCs with PFC

The new AeroQor product line specially designed for commercial avionics. The AeroQor product line is comprised of high efficiency, isolated power factor correction modules (APFIC) and ac filters specifically designed to meet the most rigorous commercial airline specifications (RTCA/DO-160G, Boeing and Airbus).
This new product family provides a wide frequency range of single-phase and 3-phase, ac-dc converter solutions for all in-cabin power applications. Droop-share variants are available to combine multiple converters for higher power applications.

  • High Efficiency, Light Weight, High-Reliability
  • Excellent PF, THD and Inrush Characteristics
  • Wide Input and Frequency Range
  • Fully Compliant with DO-160G, Boeing and Airbus Standards
  • High Level of Documentation and Full Traceability

APFIC-115-3PH-24x-FT-x APFIC-115-3PH-28x-FT-x APFIC-U-12x-HM-x


APFIC-U-24x-HMx APFIC-U-24x-HTx APFIC-U-28x-HM-x APFIC-U-28x-HT-x APFIC-U-48x-HM-x APFIC-U-48x-HT-x
APFIC-U-55x-HM-x APFIC-U-55x-HTx

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