LED & Solid State Lighting

UV-C LEDs for Disinfection and Sterilization

Luminus UV-C LEDs are highly efficient, have compact form factors and enable applications such as healthcare disinfection, water and air purification, and surface disinfection of consumer appliances.

XBT-1313-UV LEDs

  • Deep UV LED with emission wavelength between 275 nm and 286 nm
  • Ultra-compact form factor: 1.3 mm x 1.3 mm x 0.85 mm package
  • Wide viewing angle >120 deg
  • High reliability package with ESD protection
  • Standard SMD Process

XST-3535-UV LEDs

  • Deep UV LED with emission wavelength between 275 nm and 286 nm
  • Industry standard 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm package
  • Narrow viewing angle of 60 degrees
  • High Reliability package
  • Standard SMD Process

XST-3535-UV XBT-1313-UVC

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