LED & Solid State Lighting

Salud LEDs for Human Centric Lighting with specified melanopic/ photopic ratio’s

High Melanopic lux can be achieved without having to use high CCTs and without having to “over light” the space.


Salud LEDs are specified for melanopic / photopic ratios (MRs) in addition to CRI, R9, CCT, and Flux. By enhancing the spectrum with cyan for melatonin suppression and enriching the 660nm emission for natural skin tones and excellent red-rendering, Luminus Salud LEDs can deliver warmer, more comfortable light that keeps people healthy, alert, and productive.

  • Engineered spectrum with enhanced cyan for melatonin suppression
  • Enhanced MR provides healthy daytime lighting with warmer CCTs
  • Full spectrum emission – no cyan gap
  • Excellent color rendering: Ra>90
  • Enriched 660nm emission for natural skin tones and excellent red rendering
  • No near UV radiation – safer and better than sunlight


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