LED & Solid State Lighting

Robust solutions maintaining a high quality of light in this connected world

Vesta Flex is a family of dual channel LED drivers with wired and wireless control modules designed to reduce the cost of connected, tunable white luminaires. Compatible with many communications protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mesh, DALI and 0-10V
50W Dual Channel Driver enables control of correlated color temperature (CCT) tunable lighting and lumen intensity to meet the varying needs of living environments without sacrificing quality of light. The high resolution dimming and tuning algorithm provides for smooth and flicker free dimming and CCT tuning characteristics.
Bluetooth control module provides wireless control of single channel or dual channel LED driver via its dual 0-10V control output. The module’s two 0-10V outputs may be configured to connect to a dual 0-10V control input of a LED driver where one channel controls intensity dimming and the other channel controls corelated color temperature (CCT) tuning.

  • Vesta Flex
  • 50W Dual Channel Driver
  • Bluetooth control module

Vesta Flex 50W Dual Channel Driver Bluetooth Control Module

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