LED & Solid State Lighting

Perfect White COBs

PerfectWhite products are the first LEDs to replicate the color and quality of light produced by halogen lamps without any harmful UV or violet emissions. PerfectWhite LEDs enhance fill the cyan gap, filling the critical color gap that most other LEDs miss. PerfectWhite delivers a near-perfect color rendering never before possible with conventional, white LED light sources.

  • Power ranges from MR16 form factor (5 W) to over 75 W fixture powers
  • A single CCT and CRI value making color choice easier
  • True whites and extremely high contrast without the “pink” artifacts typical of below the black body locus products
  • Uniform spectral response (no cyan dip) across the blue, green and into the red color spectrum
  • No harmful UV or violet emissions
  • Beautiful pure white light with enhanced cyan color rendering

Perfect White Series Perfect White compared to 3000K halogen illumination

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