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New package family seddLED – Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED

DOMINANT proudly presents its’ new seddLED3.0 family member: A3A-FKG-RGB-1, which is pre-calibrated to individual Red, True Green and Blue color at 400mcd, 1600mcd & 250mcd respectively. Interestingly, the True Green and Blue color is pre-calibrated to only a single wavelength (1nm)!

Most of the standard RGB LEDs are binned for both color and intensity of each chip in a package. Usually, it will have 3-6 binning categories depending on the LED maker. While, binning significantly reduces possible color distribution, it does not remove color mixed inconsistencies completely.

The advantage of A3A-FKG-RGB-1 is that it is able to fine tune the variation of color & intensity by controlling the LED Peak Current (PWM), Wavelength Calibration and Temperature Compensation.

Function and Features:

  • Small package outline (LxWxH) of 3.2 x 3.3 x 1.35mm
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistant
  • 3 constant current mode LED drivers
  • 488Hz PWM with 12 Bit resolution
  • Serial communication with ISELED® compliance
  • Bi directional, half-duplex, 2MBit/s, serial communication
  • 8 bit brightness resolution for red, green, and blue LED
  • Build-in temperature sensor
  • Temperature compensation on red for constant brightness
  • Build-in diagnostic functions
  • Build-in oscillator without external components
  • Calibration values of CCM LED drivers
  • Maximum of 4079 LED’s in one chain

The World’s First True Digital LED – SeddLED

A3A-FKG-RGB-1 Datasheet

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