LED & Solid State Lighting

Deep Red LED suited for Horticulture/Growlights applications

Luminus Horticulture LEDs offer excellent wall-plug efficiencies combined with industry leading thermal resistance to produce a compact powerful light source suitable for the most demanding applications.
The new Luminus SST-10 Blue (450nm), Deep Red (660nm) and Far Red (730nm) LEDs are the perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers, allowing to adapt the light exactly to the needs of various crops.  Offered with either a 130-degree lens or a 90-degree lens for those applications in which focused light is required.
The SST-10-DR is the latest “Deep Red” Led with peak wavelenght of 660nm.

SKU: 12372
  • High power density and uniform emission
  • 3.5mmx3.5mm package
  • Industry Best Wall-Plug Efficiency
  • Low Thermal Resistance Package
  • 130° / 90° viewing angle at 50% Iv

Horticulture LEDs Product Brief SST10-DR

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