LED & Solid State Lighting

Bridgelux Products honored include Vesta® Flex and Gen 8 V Series™ and Vero® COBs

The first selection is the groundbreaking new Vesta Flex family of two channel drivers with interchangeable controls for tunable white lighting systems, and the second selection is the Gen 8 Vero and V Series COBs with market leading efficacy.


The Vesta Flex family of specification grade, NFC programable, tunable white LED drivers and control modules is designed to accelerate the adoption of human centric lighting. Vesta Flex is compatible with multiple traditional wired, and new wireless lighting control ecosystems, including wired DALI2 and 0-10V controls, and wireless control options from WiZ, WiSilica, Silvair, and Casambi. This system enables simplified future-proof design flexibility for luminaire manufacturers to develop luminaires with control interoperability to meet the needs of any lighting project. Optimized to work with Bridgelux Vesta Series tunable white LED sources, this combined lighting system is designed to work together out of the box, simplifying the design process and accelerating time to market.


The eighth generation V Series, Vero Series, and Vero SE Series product families deliver up to 185 lm/W (at nominal drive current). This market-leading efficacy is benchmarked at the popular 3000K 80 CRI color point, with efficacies above 200 lm/W possible at other color points across the industry’s broadest range of COB products. Gen 8 COB products also feature up to 3x overdrive capability, delivering a 30% increase in maximum lumens per LES size to support the continuous trend toward luminaire miniaturization, as well as significant increases in lumens per dollar to further reduce the costs of solid-state lighting. Available in LES sizes ranging from 8mm to 29mm, Gen 8 products deliver 800 to 16,000 lumens at nominal currents in a wide range of CCT and CRI options to support a wide variety of lighting applications.

What is Vesta Flex?

  • A family of tunable white LED drivers with wired and wireless control modules, connected via standard RJ45
  • Multiple interoperable plug-and-play control options that are customizable to meet the needs of lighting projects
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DALI2, 0-10V controls
  • Optimized to work with Vesta Series tunable white sources
  • Driver and control module are decoupled enabling SKU reduction and inventory optimization


V-series Gen 8 Features and Benefits

  • Efficacy of up to 182 lm/W to support luminaire miniaturization trends and efficiency standards
  • 3x Overdrive capability with up to 30% increase in lumens per LES size for precision optical control
  • Source lumens aligned with traditional lighting requirements to deliver the right light for the right application
  • Typical drive currents aligned with industry standards
  • Optically and mechanically compatible with previous product generations to simplify upgradability


Vero® & Vero® SE Series Gen 8

  • On-board connector port or poke-in connectivity
  • Efficacy of up to 185 lm/W typical
  • 3x Overdrive capability
  • Source lumens aligned with traditional lighting requirements
  • Typical drive currents aligned with industry standards
  • Optically and mechanically compatible with previous product generations


Vesta Flex V Series – VERO & VERO SE Series Gen 8

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