LED & Solid State Lighting

Auto-addressable WIFI-Dali speech recognition converter

2AMCV718WDPS is an auto-addressable WIFI to DALI protocol converter with integrated DALI BUS power supply. This converter allows you to manage DALI lights adjusting up to 16 groups controlling each light. Moreover, you can also control devices via WiFi or, even better, directly with your voice. 2AMCV718WDPS can be managed through the specific app, developed for Android, IOS (Apple) and Windows, via Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice assistant or it can be controlled with a traditional button.


  • Device Wifi to DALI converter with push interface
  • Integrated DALI bus power supply for up to 16 devices
  • Input Range: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Controllable with Android/iOS/Windows app IoT Light Wifi

2AMCV718WDPS  Datasheet

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