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The right MDM solution for you mobile workforce

MaxGo Manager is a smart mobile device management solution that allows users to organize devices into groups, assign unique group configurations, share accounts with other users, customize user permissions, add and remove apps, gain useful insights about Handheld Android devices and much, much more.

Give your IT department the tools they need to configure devices, troubleshoot and fix problems quickly. MaxGo Manager is a free software solution that allows Handheld Android users to easily configure, manage and support all their devices, regardless of deployment size.

MaxGo Manager provides a simple and streamlined way for users to download and install apps, update operating systems, change system and client settings, run staging scripts and more.
Display helpful charts such as battery levels, charging levels, CPU temperature, signal, and signal strength. Users can also clear app data or force-quit problematic software, as well as delete or completely clear device data.

The entire MaxGo Suite is free of charge for use with all Handheld’s Android rugged computers.

The MaxGo suite software solutions for Handheld Android users also includes:

  • MaxGo Staging, a custom configuration platform with more than 20 staging commands.
  • MaxGo Kiosk, which configures system and app access for secure and focused device use.
  • MaxGo KioskBrowser, which provides restricted device and app settings for a customized browser experience.

Free Android staging software MaxGo

MaxGo Android Apps

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