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Rugged Computers help streamline logistics

Small- and large-scale operations alike can benefit from the efficient transportation, logistics and supply chain support that rugged tablet computers provide. For distributors of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and industrial packaged goods (IPGs), using rugged mobile computers to improve supply chain management from manufacture to delivery results in satisfied customers, better insight into your workflow and improved product monitoring during transit.

With fast processors and powerful scanning capabilities, rugged computers are a reliable fit for logistic operations even in the toughest environments.

Three areas where Rugged Computers Help Streamline Logistics: Inventory and quality control, Communication, and Shipping and delivery.


Three areas where Rugged Computers Help Streamline Logistics:

1. Inventory and quality control
Rugged computers can be mounted in vehicle docks or similar solutions to track and monitor the inventory.

2. Communication
For drivers who are out on the road, vital for communicating with dispatchers and trying to perform logistical tasks.

3. Shipping and delivery
Track inventory during loading, transport, and unloading with barcode and RFID scanning capabilities

3 areas where rugged computers can help streamline logistics operations


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