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New generation IoT cloud-based device management – Renity Senitel

The new free IoT cloud-based device management – Renity Senitel device management tool can manage the devices connected to a remote computer, it can save your time and money by remote control the problem, also get the real-time device status to improve the efficiency. Renity Senitel V3.0 allows IT administrator to remote any devices over the internet. It offers more new features to improve productivity and usability for IT administrators’ needs including system monitoring (e.g. operating system information, CPU loading, memory usage, system temperature, voltage, and storage usage), system backup/restore/update at one time, and benefit easy to remote client computers anywhere for timesaving of maintenance work.

Renity Sentinel V3.0 Key attributes:

1. A dashboard for the health of the devices
2. Check the current usage of the device
3. Solve the issue remotely
4. Update for multiple devices at one time
5. Notify the IT pro when any issues occur
6. Preventing unintended and malicious actions

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