Embedded Computing

IoT Edge, Gateway Storage Solutions: Industrial SD cards Built for IoT, IIoT

A gateway is an important component of the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystem. As its name implies, a gateway is a device that connects things (sensors, actuators, and intelligent devices) to the cloud, functioning as a bridge or intermediary where all data going to or coming from the cloud goes through. For data that may not have to be transferred to the cloud, a gateway also provides storage and fast analytics at or near the source to enable intelligent, time-critical decisions.

Considering their pros and cons, the table below shows respective ideal use cases for cloud and edge storage:

Cloud Storage:

  • Review/analyze historical data for process improvement and machine learning
  • Big data processing
  • Data warehousing

Edge Storage

  • Immediately accessible and retrievable data analytics to respond to situations in real time or within the least amount of waiting
  • At-source visualization
  • Basic analytics
  • Distributed local processing of data to reduce network traffic in the centralized data center
  • Temporary cache for data waiting to be transmitted to the cloud


microSD/microSDHC Card

CFast Card


Industrial e.MMC Designed with 3D NAND


Industrial SD Cards IoT Edge

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