Embedded Computing

Intelligent Machine Condition Monitoring Solution

The new MCM-100 machine condition monitoring edge platform, highlighting continuous 24/7 data collection and vibration measurement with maximized precision and sampling rates for rotating machinery and equipment. Integrating data collection, vibration analysis algorithms, computation, and network connection tasking in a single system, the MCM-100 enables rotating machinery, tooling, and plant and automation equipment operators to easily overcome challenges inherent in conventional equipment maintenance.

3-min Value Props Overview

  • Simple Fast, Simple Whole-System Setup with No Downtime
  • Integrated function in compact construction
  • Built-in IEPE 2mA excitation current source, requires no additional signal conditioning

Complete One-Operation Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Upload

Delivers edge-based data acquisition, domain algorithm, data analytics capability, converting machine status, usage trends, alarms, and more for distribution.

Real-time Monitoring & Intelligent Management

  • Easy to implement third party web dashboard enables remote acquisition of machine status
  • Automatic recording of machine information to enable long-term machine health monitoring
  • Enable value-added service for Machine builders

MCM-100 Datasheet MCM-100 product brief

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