Embedded Computing

8th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile processor

The 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Mobile processors (codenamed Whiskey Lake) are now available on COM Express Type 6 Compact modules, 3.5 inch SBCs, and Thin Mini-ITX motherboards. OEM customers benefit from an instant performance boost of up to 58%¹ compared to previous embedded U-Series processors – enabled by 4 instead of 2 cores plus an overall improved microarchitecture. Thanks to features such as optional Intel® Optane™ memory 2 or USB 3.1 Gen2, everyday tasks are even more responsive. The processor cores allow efficient task scheduling and furthermore support the use of the RTS hypervisor software to allow additional optimization of I/O throughput from the input channels to the processor cores.

The new conga-TC370 COM Express Type 6 modules, the conga-JC370 embedded 3.5 inch SBCs, and the conga-IC370 Thin Mini-ITX motherboards all feature the latest Intel® Core™ i7, Core™ i5, Core™ i3 and Celeron® embedded processors.

Processor Cores / Threads Base freq. /Max. boost freq.[GHz] Base TDP [W] Temperature range
Intel® Core™ i7 8665UE 4 / 8 2.0 / 3.4 15 0 to +60°C
Intel® Core™ i5 8365UE 4 / 8 1.8/ 2.6 15 0 to +60°C
Intel® Core™ i3 8145UE 2 / 4 1.8 / 2.2 15 0 to +60°C
Intel® Celeron® 4305UE 2 / 2 1.8 15 0 to +60°C

conga-TC370 conga-JC370 conga-IC370

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