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Zero-Drift, 65V, High-Side Current Sense Amplifier

The MCP6C02 is Microchip’s first zero-drift current sense amplifier, featuring industry leading performance including ultra-low input offset error and low offset drift, enabling higher measurement accuracy across a wide range of conditions. The need to accurately measure a dynamic current is critical in a wide variety of applications, such as monitoring or charging batteries, creating a current controlled feedback loop for a power supply or motor, to simply monitoring current levels for safety reasons.


  • Ability to monitor current over a wide voltage range
    • The MCP6C02 supports an input common mode range from 3.0V to 65V, providing the flexibility to address a variety of voltage rails, including overhead for transients
  • High-speed, fast settling for control loop applications
    • With a bandwidth of 500kHz (gains of 20/50 V/V), the MCP6C02 is fast enough to be used within the control loop for motors and some power supplies
  • The zero-drift architecture enables industry leading performance
    • Ultra-low offsets below 16 µV maximum, allow the use of smaller shunt resistors (more efficient) without sacrificing resolution
  • Ideal for noisy environments
    • An integrated, on-chip electromagnetic (EMI) filter reduces high frequency interference, ideal for harsh, electrically noisy environments
    • Ultra-low drift architecture provides reliable, accurate measurements across a wide range of environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature, common mode range and supply voltages


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