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World’s Lowest Jitter, Any-Frequency Oscillator

Silicon Labs’ Ultra Series™ high performance oscillators utilize our latest 4th generation DSPLL technology to provide an ultra low jitter, low phase noise clock at any output frequency. This family includes oscillators with industry-leading phase jitter of only 80 fs (femtoseconds) for optical networking, 100G+ optical modules, broadband, data center, broadcast video, test and measurement, mil/aero and FPGA applications. These oscillators are ideal for high performance, next generation timing applications and they provide the frequency flexibility, superior reliability, and super fast lead times that system designers need. The Si54x Ultra Series XO’s are available with single, dual and quad frequency options in an industry-standard 3.2x5mm package, enabling drop-in compatibility with traditional XOs.

SKU: 11606
  • Industry-leading jitter performance: 80 fs RMS Typ
  • Wide frequency range: 200 kHz to 1.5 GHz with <1 ppb frequency resolution
  • Single, Dual, Quad frequency configurations available
  • Excellent supply noise immunity (-80dBc Typ) ensures low jitter operation in electrically noisy systems
  • Small 3.2x5mm footprint
  • 3.3, 2.5, 1.8V supply operation from the same orderable part number
  • Supports all popular formats: LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, CML, CMOS and Dual CMOS
  • Superior reliability, 100% electrical testing of every device
  • Samples available with 1-2 week lead times

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