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World’s First Safety Certified Capacitive Touchscreen Controller Family for the Home Appliance Market

The maXTouch® MXT336UD-MAUHA1 capacitive touchscreen controller family — the market’s only touchscreen controllers to offer pre-certified, Class B firmware. The family includes three controllers, the MXT112UD-MAUHA1, the MXT228UD-MAUHA1 and the MXT336UD-MAUHA1, each fulfilling different screen size needs, ranging from 2-to 8-inches. It helps to reduce the risk of fires in the kitchen and also floods in the laundry room, European IEC 60730 and U.S. UL 60730 Class B specifications require safety mechanisms in home appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, washing machines and clothes dryers.

The Class B certified touch controllers offer unique safety-related features that enable system shut off through an intuitive soft button on a touchscreen, removing the requirement for an external safety certified stop or cancel button and associated microcontroller (MCU). They also allow an appliance to detect a touchscreen or appliance failure and shut down automatically through a variety of self-testing capabilities. For example, if the glass breaks on a cooktop, the touchscreen will turn dark and shut off the machine, eliminating accidental damage in the home. As the number of touch enabled home appliances continue to increase, the MXT336UD-MAUHA1 family shifts the required safety functionality to a simplified single touchscreen interface, helping OEMs reduce costs and improve time to market.


  • IEC/UL 60730 Class B Certified (mXT336UD-MAUHA1 only)
  • IEC 61000-4-6, 7Vrms, Class A (normal touch operation) conducted noise immunity
  • Scaled Deltas (remove false touches while cleaning with bleach or Windex)
  • Supports multi finger thick glove (5mm) touch
  • Supports thick lenses up to 10mm glass
  • Adaptive Sensing (Self and Mutual cap)


mXT336UD Touchscreen Controller
Product Brief
mXT336UD-HA Touchscreen Controller
Product Brief

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