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Wide Vcc low-power flash memory

Why Wide Vcc? IoT edge devices need memory solutions that can continue to operate as the battery discharges and the supply voltage drops. Typical memory solutions have a limited operating voltage range. Adesto’s AT25FF offers Wide Vcc, as well as pin and functional compatibility to 1.8 V and 3.0 V devices. The AT25FF was designed with the performance and battery life challenges of next generation IoT in mind. It offers low-power operation as well as a high-speed SPI, dual and quad interface. This allows rapid transfer of code or data for fast booting, execute in place, AI, data transfer, or system configuration.

Technical Specifications:

  •  Voltage Range: 1.65 V – 3.6 V (Wide Vcc)
  • Density: 4 Mbit to 32 Mbit
  • High-speed operation: up to 104 MHz
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    – Single SPI (1-1-1)
    – Dual output (1-1-2)
    – Quad output (1-1-4)
    – Quad I/O with continuous fast read (0-4-4)
  • Low-power Read, Erase, and Program
  • Power management low-power modes
    – Standby
    – Deep power-down
    – Ultra-deep power-down
  • Programming
    – Byte / page program (1 to 256 Bytes) – Sequential program mode capability
  • Erase program suspend resume
  • Non-volatile status register configuration option
  • Security amd One Time Programmable (OTP) registers
  • JEDEC compliant
    – Standard manufacturer and device ID
    – Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP) version 1.6
    – JEDEC hardware reset
  • Software controlled reset and stop commands
  • Hardware reset option (via HOLD pin)
  • PB / Halide-free / RoHS compliant

AT25FF  NOR Flash Memory

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