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Wi-Fi MCU module features Trust&GO-enabled unique, verifiable identity

The highly-integrated Microchip WFI32E01PC is a Trust&GO secured platform-enabled Wi-Fi MCU module that has been pre-provisioned for cloud platforms. The module was developed to the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) specification and is fully certified with: Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Industry Canada (IC) and European Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Microchip’s Trust&GO platform inside the WFI32E01PC quickens the process of network authentication using secure element technology, which is preconfigured and pre-provisioned for cloud authentication.

Implement secure authentication for your Internet of Things (IoT) design. The Trust&GO platform inside the WFI32E01PC and WFI32E01UC is designed to streamline the process of enabling network authentication using hardware secure element technology, which is pre-configured and pre-provisioned for Cloud Authentication.


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