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USB-to-I2S bridge chip eases digital audio data transfer

A fixed-function audio bridge device that provides a simple, turnkey solution for transferring digital audio data between the universal serial bus (USB) and integrated inter-IC sound (I2S) serial bus interfaces.

SKU: 11070

The new CP2615 digital audio bridge provides a drop-in USB-to-I2S connectivity solution that requires no USB audio knowledge or protocol expertise, enabling developers to focus on their end applications instead of firmware development.
Delivered in a 5x5mm QFN-32 package, the chip includes a USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, USB transceiver, on-chip oscillator, I2S audio interface, I2C control interface and embedded flash memory for storing device configurations. This high level of integration eliminates the need for external components, significantly reducing PCB size and BOM cost. It offers a cost-effective solution for low-end and mid-market headphones requiring a 48kHz sampling rate. The small-form-factor device is also suitable for USB dongles designed for consumers who own high-end headphones that use an analogue jack for audio.

CP2615 Datasheet

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