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UPD360 – Small Form Factor USB Type-C/PD Controller

The UPD360 is a highly integrated small form factor USB Type-C/PD controller compliant with USB Type-C™ specification and USB Power Delivery specification v.2.0.
UPD360 provides cable detection and orientation, and implements baseband communication with a partner USB Type-C/PD Device. UPD360 can function as a Standalone Power Delivery Controller (in UFP/DFP modes) or as a Companion Power Delivery Controller to an external MCU/SoC, using the integrated I2C/SPI interface.

  • Highly integrated USB Type-C/PD Port Controller
  • Integrated:
    VConn FETS (per USB Type-C spec)
    Rp/Rd/Ra resistors (per USB Type-C spec) and switch muxes
    No external oscillator required – minimize BOM
    5V/3A port power controller (FET integrated)
    Current/voltage limit internal
    Supports sustained 3A with current limit at ~3.3A
    Voltage comparator integrated for USB Type-C Rp/Rd/Ra detection
  • 20V tolerance on VBus via low cost external FET
  • I/O voltage interface to processors
    1.8V and 3.3V I/O voltage required for I2C and SPI interface to processor
    External processor/reference designs: 1.8V I2C preferred
    Internal MCU (PIC) for MCM: 3.3V SPI preferred
    GPIOs at 3.3V (especially GPIO to control external switch mux)
  • Optimize power especially in connected standby mode (<200uW)
  • Dead battery support
  • Supports all USB Type-C/PD Power Profiles
  • Integration of voltage comparators to support external high voltage circuits
  • Smart power management
    Active power ~0.5W target
    Standby power ~200uW target
  • Minimal external BOM for full featured system
    < 5 passive components
  • Package:
    o BGA 4 x 4mm (0.5mm pitch)
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