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Ultra-miniature SM Crystal for NFC and Smartcard

One of the smallest crystals in our key product range, available at frequencies of 24.0 ~ 60.MHz, the ultra-miniature ceramic package of the GSX-213 makes it ideal for space-dependent applications such as wearables, smartcard, NFC and Bluetooth.

The GSX-213 surface mount crystal features tiny 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.35mm seam sealed package with a standard four pad configuration. The seam seal of this package helps achieve excellent long-term stability, resulting in excellent ageing specifications of only ±1ppm maximum for the first year. The metal lid of the package can also be grounded for EMI reduction.

This surface mount crystal offers a range of circuit conditions and tight calibration tolerance and temperature stability options, over a choice of operating temperature ranges including -30 to +85°C.

  • Ultra-miniature for maximum space saving
  • Ideal for near field communications (NFC), smartcard, wireless & mobile
  • Metal lid can be grounded to minimise EMI
  • Seam sealed for excellent long-term stability
  • Excellent ageing characteristics

GSX-213 Datasheet

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