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Ultra-Low Power MCU for Wirelessly Connected Designs

The SAM R30 SiP incorporates an ultra-low power microcontroller with an 802.15.4 sub-GHz radio, providing multi-year battery life in a compact 5 mm package. The SAM R30 SiP delivers design flexibility and proven reliability, making it ideally suited for connected home, smart city and industrial applications.

SKU: 10028

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated MCU + Sub-GHz Radio in a single 5×5 mm QFN
  • picoPower® architecture with four power domains
  • Ultra-low power for multi-year battery life
  • Increased battery life for remote sensor applications
  • Plenty of room for application  code and the networking stack
  • Fast wake up and network connect
  • Ultra-low power sleep modes
  • Compatible with Microchip’s free MiWi™ point-to-point/star network protocol stack

SAM R30 Datasheet

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