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UHD 4K2K Dual-channel Video Processor

AverLogic’s AL361 is a multi-AV stream System-on-a-Chip (SoC) keen on providing seamless implementation for UHD 4K2K Video Product Developers. AL361 is designed for multi-purpose applications that require high-performance digital image processing, small size and low power, therefore, it is an ideal choice for decision makers looking to develop optimal solutions at a low cost and in a quick time to market.

SKU: 12340
  • Highly integrated single chip
    Embedded 8051 MCU, low power DDR, flash and video processing engine with small-size package LFBGA-249 12×12 mm.
  • Varietal video input/output interfaces
    Dual-channel video processing engine with SD, HD digital video combinations, such as 24-bit RGB, 16-bit YC and 8-bit YC inputs and outputs.
  • Video Processing
    Configurable flexi-port supports de-interlacing, cropping, scaling, OSD, format conversion, PIP and POP for 4K2K display

AL582 – H.264 Video Streaming SOC used with HD Wireless Applications




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