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Trusted and Secure Authentication for Google Cloud IoT Core

In this user case, we illustrate how the ATECC608A combined with Google Cloud IoT Core from Google Cloud Platform enables secure authentication. The philosophy with secure elements in IoT is to provide a unique, trusted and protected identity. To achieve the objective, the identity provisioned to the hardware must be genuine and the cloud platform needs to be able to trust it. Consequently, a chain of trust must be created.

First a word on Google Cloud IoT Core. Cloud IoT Core uses Cloud Pub/Sub underneath that can aggregate dispersed device data into a single global system that integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud data analytics services.


  • Educate yourself about the Google Cloud IoT Core Security model for light embedded systems
  • Understand why private key isolation is vital to your design
  • Learn how CryptoAuthLib manipulate the JWT token
  • Learn how to configure the memory zone and set your expected policies
  • Learn the basics of provisioning a secure element

Personalize :

  • Memory configuration is defined and locked
  • Your Certificate Authority is decided
  • Google Cloud IoT Core production account is configured with Google Cloud Platform
  • Secret Exchange with Microchip completed
  • The ATECC608A is setup with your customized part number

Mass Production:

  • All the provisioning – keys/certificates generation and manipulation is done within Microchip secure factories
  • Keys are internally generated and never exposed to the outside world, it’s zero touch
  • Elimination of any software or manufacturing backdoors
  • The device ships pre-provisioned with the secrets

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