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The ultra-compact Atlas® Digital Amplifier provides single-axis high-performance torque control of Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors. Use it for direct control of motor torque or in conjunction with higher-level controllers for velocity or positioning applications. With a total power output of up to 1 kilowatt, and the size of a matchbox, the Atlas Digital Amplifier is ideal for laboratory automation, scientific instruments, general purpose motion control, HVAC, fan and pump controllers, and industrial motor control applications.

SKU: 12392


  • Controls brushless DC, step, and DC brush motors
  • Available in 75 W, 250 W, and 500 W power levels
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection
  • I2t current foldback limiting
  • Multi-motor version allows motor type to be programmed by user
  • Standalone pulse & direction step motor operation
  • Internal temperature monitor
  • Two different package sizes available
  • Enable input and Fault output safety interlocks
  • Works with Magellan® ICs, FPGAs or microprocessorbased controllers
  • Digital SPI torque command with checksum

Atlas Family Datasheet

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