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Single-Wire Serial EEPROM Enables Remote Identification

A single-wire, two-pin Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) device with a 2.7V to 4.5V operational voltage range is now available from Microchip. The AT21CS11 is ideal for identifying and authenticating remote items, such as cartridges or cables, where space for electronic components is limited.


  • 128 x 8 (1 Kbit)
  • Single-Wire Compatible
    – I²C Protocol Structure
    – Communication through a single I/O pin
  • High Speed (125 kbps) Mode
  • Self-Timed Erase and Write Cycles (5 ms max.)
  • Low Power Consumption
    – Read current 0.08 mA (Typ), 0.3 mA (Max)
    – Write current 0.2 mA (Typ), 0.5 mA (Max)
    – Standby current 0.7 uA (Typ), 2.5 uA (Max)
  • Software Write Protection
    – Four independent 256-bit zones
  • More than 1 million erase/write cycles
  • Data retention > 100 years
  • ESD protection > 8000V (HBM)
  • Factory Programming Available
  • Available in 8-pin SOIC (150 mil), 3-pin SOT23, 2-pad XSFN, and 4-ball Thin CSP packages.

AT21CS11 Datasheet

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