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Single-Phase, BLDC, Motor Driver with Integrated Hall Sensor

The MP9517 is a single-phase, brushless DC motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs and a Hall-effect sensor. The IC has a 3.3V to 18V input voltage range and input line reverse voltage protection.  The MP9517 controls the rotational speed through the PWM signal on the PWM pin, with a 2kHz to 100kHz PWM frequency range. The MP9517 has a rotational speed detection feature on the FG pin, an open-drain output.  To reduce fan driver audible noise and power loss, the MP9517 features soft-on/off phase commutation, and automatic control for winding BEMF and current zero-crossing with the same phase.  Full protection features include input over-voltage protection (OVP), under-voltage lockout (UVLO), rotor deadlock protection, thermal shutdown, and input reverse protection.  The MP9517 requires a minimal number of external components to reduce solution cost. It is available in a TSOT23-6-SL and TSOT23-6-L package.

  • Embedded Hall Sensor with High Sensitivity
  • Wide 3.3V to 18V Operating Input Range
  • 2A Overload Current Limit
  • Integrated Power MOSFETs: Total 1.02Ω (HS + LS)
  • Winding BEMF and Current Zero-Crossing with the Same Phase
  • Soft-On/Off Phase Commutation
  • Rotational Speed Indicator (FG) Signal
  • 2kHz to 100kHz PWM Input Frequency Range
  • Fixed 26kHz Output Switching Frequency
  • Input Line Reverse Voltage Protection (RVP)
  • Rotor Deadlock Protection and Automatic Recovery
  • Thermal Protection and Automatic Recovery
  • Built-In Input OVP, UVLO, and Automatic Recovery
  • Available in TSOT23-6-SL or TSOT23-6-L Packages

MP9517 Motor Driver Selector Guide

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