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Single-Chip Motor Driver for BLDC & PMSM motors up to 50V/5A

The amount of wiring to drive robotic motors can become a problem if there is not enough space for large electronics packages inside the robot. Fully integrated three-phase power stage ICs, like the MP6540H, enable the placement of brushless motor drive electronics in tiny spaces that were impossible before. The MP6540H can drive motors up to 50V and 5A, or 250 watts. Contained in a 5mm x 5mm package, it’s by far the smallest solution of its kind in the marketplace. Internal current measurement (which removes the need for current shunts and sense amps) makes the solution even smaller. The MP6540H can drive motors up to 50V and 5A, or 250 watts.

Features & Benefits:


  • 5.5V to 50V Operating Supply Voltage
  • 5A Output Current/6A Peak Current
  • Low RDS(ON): HS + LS 50mΩ
  • PWM & ENBL inputs
  • Internal Charge Pump Supports 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • Integrated H-Bridges, including pre-driver and MOSFETs
  • Integrated Bidirectional Current-Sense Amplifiers
  • Automatic Synchronous Rectification

MP6540H Datasheet

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