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Simplifying USB Extension

Valens expands the possibilities in the audiovisual sector by enabling unprecedented extension of USB 2.0, in addition to Ethernet, audio and control interfaces for up to 100m over a single twisted pair.

Valens’ VA6000 chipset is a flexible solution that enables the convergence and extension of multiple interfaces, and addresses multiple applications:

  • USB 2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet, I2S, I2C and UART for up to 100m
  • USB 2.0 and 1G Ethernet, I2S, I2C and UART for shorter distances

The VA6000 is a more cost-effective and compact (13x13mm) device for many USB-focused applications (such as USB cameras and USB audio products). It is an optimized solution for conference rooms applications and interactive touch kiosks. The VA6000 is also well suited for IP/Ethernet-focused applications, such as video walls, video-on-demand systems, and more. Since the VA6000 utilizes only one single pair out of the four available pairs in a Category cable, it enables vendors the simplicity and flexibility to use the remaining pairs to deliver necessary power or other controls over the same cable.


  • Unprecedented extension of USB 2.0 for up to 100m over standard Cat 6a cable, while utilizing only a single unshielded twisted pair, with RJ45/RJ11 or customized connector
  • Convergence of USB, Ethernet, audio and control interfaces
  • High bandwidth, symmetric channel
  • Specifically designed to handle harsh EMI and environmental interferences
  • Adaptive equalizer to compensate for cable aging, temperature changes, and physical and environmental impacts
  • Point-to-point and daisy-chaining topologies supported for increased flexibility in system design

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