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Simplify Motion Control with State of the Art Tools

All Performance Motion Devices products come with our leading-edge software tools designed to simplify and streamline your development work. Continuously updated with the latest motion control techniques, analysis, and algorithms, this robust software supports all of the latest PMD technology features. Using a single platform for all your motion development work with a common language and compatible software and hardware enables you standardization motion across all your designs and machines.

SKU: 12365

Pro-Motion features:

  • Rapidly sets up, tunes, and tests motion control systems
  • Easy-to-use axis wizard setup tool
  • Motion oscilloscope shows tuning and systems parameters in real time
  • Tuning of position loop, current loop, and field-oriented controller
  • Frequency-based servo analysis
  • Graphical control windows for easy parameters setup
  • Distance and time unit conversion
  • Continuous axis status display window
  • Programmable motion shuttle
  • Supports PCI-bus, serial, and CANbus communications

Software Downloads


ProMotion5.2 (exe) Magellan SDK (exe) CME SDK (exe) MC73110 SDK (exe)

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