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Simplify Industrial-Grade Linux Designs

There is a great deal of design effort and complexity associated with creating an industrial-grade microprocessor (MPU)-based system running a Linux® operating system. Even developers with expertise in the area spend a lot of time on PCB layout to guarantee signal integrity for the high-speed interfaces to DDR memory and Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY) while complying with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards. To remove the traditional design complexity in this space, Microchip has unveiled a new System on Module (SOM) featuring the SAMA5D2 MPU.

The ATSAMA5D27-SOM1, which contains the recently released ATSAMA5D27C-D1G-CU System in Package (SiP), greatly simplifies design by integrating the power management, non-volatile boot memory, Ethernet PHY and high-speed DDR2 memory onto a small, single-sided Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

  • Simplifies PCB design
  • 3 DDR2 memory size options
  • Smallest footprint
  • Supports RTOS and Linux OS
  • Reduces the supplier list
  • Low-cost Assembly
  • Mainlined Linux distribution
  • Customer driven obsolescence
  • Qualified for production use
  • Single power rail

SAMA5D27 Datasheet

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