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Simplified USB Type-C Development

Silicon Labs introduced a comprehensive reference design to simplify the development of USB Type-C™ rechargeable lithium ion battery packs used to power smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones and other portable devices. The reference design includes everything developers need to create dual-role port (DRP) applications with USB Type-C power delivery (PD), accelerating the development of new USB Type-C battery packs or migrating existing USB Type-A battery pack designs to USB Type-C. Silicon Labs’ USB Type-C Battery Pack Reference Design includes a development board, USB Type-C PD stack, example code, schematics and a hardware manual.


  • Silicon Labs’ Free Power Deliver controller stack library and Billboard source code
  • Reference Designs
  • Simplicity Studio support

High Performance

  • Power Delivery support
  • USB 2.0 Billboard support
  • Cable attach/detach detection
  • Dead battery support

High Integration

  • Crystal-less operation
  • Integrated MCU peripherals
    – I2C, timers, ADC, etc.
  • Small package:
    – EFM8BB3 QFN32
    – EFM8UB1 QFN20/28

USB Type-C Development

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