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Simple LCDC lineup

Epson’s Simple LCDC series offers LCD Controllers with basic functionality. These products offer a low cost while retaining the advantage of a low power single chip solution. The Simple LCDC series supports TFT LCD panels from QVGA up to WVGA resolution, and is suitable for factory automation (FA) controller, medical instrument, measuring equipment, and office automation (OA) applications. The following Simple LCDCs are available.

Features S1D13L01 S1D13L02 S1D13L03 S1D13L04
Panel resolution and color depth WQVGA (480×272): 16M colors, WVGA (640×480): 256 colors WVGA (800×480): 64k colors VGA (640×480): 256k colors WVGA (800×480): 64k colors XGA (1024×768): 256k colors
Display memory Embedded 384kB Embedded 1024kB Embedded 768kB External SDRAM Up to 16MB
CPU interface CPU bus Serial CPU bus CPU bus CPU bus Serial
Picture-in-picture Main + PIP Main x 2 + PIP x 2 Main Main + PIPx2
Rotation 0,90,180,270° 0,90,180,270° Mirror 0,180° Mirror
Alpha blending Available Available Available
Gamma correction Available Available Available Available
Shrink, expand Available
Scroll Available Available Available
QFP package type 15-128 22-208 21-176 22-208
Pitch/Size (mm) 0,4 / 14 0,5 / 28 0,5 / 24 0,5 / 28






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