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Serial EERAM: SRAM that Doesn’t Lose Data on Power Down

New family of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) EERAM memory products that offer system designers up to 25% cost savings over the current serial NVRAM alternatives. The family introduces four reliable SPI densities to Microchip’s EERAM portfolio, ranging from 64 Kb up to 1 Mb.

The primary reason EERAM is available at a lower price point is the use of standard Complementary Metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) and Flash processes. Because these are the highest volume and most widely used processes, they offer the best reliability and lowest cost in the industry. Alternative solutions such as Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) use a specialty process, resulting in much higher costs and unstable long-term supply. The new EERAM family comes with Microchip’s customer-driven obsolescence practice, which helps ensure availability to customers for as long as needed.


Nonvolatility at the Speed of SRAM

  • Unlimited Reads/Unlimited Writes: Standard SRAM cells and protocol with symmetrical read and write timing
  • Industry-Standard Bus Types: SPI, I2C
  • Invisible-to-User Data Transfers on Power Loss: Hidden nonvolatile cells capture SRAM content; power loss is detected automatically by the EERAM device
  • 100,000 Backups: Data can be moved from SRAM to nonvolatile cells > 100,000 times
  • 100-Year Data Retention: With power removed, data is kept safe for up to 100 years; when power is restored, data is moved back to SRAM for continuing operation
  • Quality: EERAM is based on high-volume, standard CMOS processes to create a very low-cost nonvolatile SRAM solution and the highest quality levels

Product family:

  • 48L640 (64 Kb SPI)
  • 48L256 (256 Kb SPI)
  • 48L512 (512 Kb SPI)
  • 48LM01 (1 Mb SPI)


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