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The latest innovation in RoT device security is GOWIN’s SecureFPGATM, which combines the advantages of an MCU and FPGA with the security functions needed for edge, IoT and Server applications.
SecureFPGA provides a security library based on SRAM PUF technology with GOWIN genuine device authentication designed to eliminate attacks from the factory floor to the daily use of the end product.
The included security library also provides commonly used security functions making it easy to add protection to any current MCU or FPGA project


The following video demonstrates how SecureFPGA can be used to protect private keys and user data in a MQTT cloud connectivity example. The demonstration uses SecureFPGA to protect the device keys by encrypting and decrypting them. Using this method no user keys can be tampered with in flash as they are only available after power up by decrypting them using the devices PUF generated root key pair.

SecureFPGA products provide a hardware Root of Trust based on PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) technology. PUFs use the behavior of SRAM to differentiate chips from each other. They are virtually impossible to duplicate, clone or predict. This makes them very suitable for applications such as secure key generation and storage, device authentication, flexible key provisioning and chip asset management. Each device is factory provisioned with a unique key pair that is never exposed outside of the device.

SecureFPGA How SecureFPGA can be used

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