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Safety Isolation and EMI Noise Suppression: Solutions for Electrical Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems

Pulse Electronics offers full Line of isolation transformers and common mode chokes for small to large battery pack systems for serial port safety isolation and EMI noise rejection application. In large battery pack applications with daisy chain connections, the number of cells connected in series is very high, and the large voltage differences demand component-to-component isolation.The serial communication links between boards need to be isolated by transformer coupling circuits instead of capacitor coupling.

  • Supports BMS isolation and EMI solutions
  • Supports serial Daisy Chain isoSPI, SPI and other signal isolation
  • Meets AEC-Q200 requirements for automotive applications
  • PPAP documentation upon request
  • IATF 16949:2016
  • Operating temp. -40C up to +125C
  • Multiple options for working voltages and voltage isolation
  • 15 Years working life on Isolation

Battery Management Systems HM1188NL HM1190NL HM1236NL HM1237NL HM1238NL HM1331NL HM2100NL HM2101NL HM2102NL
HM2103NL HM2106NL HM2108NL

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