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WTL is a professional manufacturer of Quartz Crystal Electronic Components in China, Established in 2001. Specialized in researching & developing, producing and marketing. WTL offers all kinds of crystals for a wide range of applications. Whatever you are looking for: standard or high-class requirement on special fields, we will support the right quartz crystal resonator and oscillator with 100% reliability insurance.

Categories Series Package Frequency Specification
Quartz Crystal TX8 1.6*1.2/4/SMD 26M 8pF,10/10ppm,-20~+70℃
TX1 2.0*1.6/4/SMD 32M 12pF,10/10ppm,-20~+70℃
TX2 2.5*2.0/4/SMD 24M 8pF,10/10ppm,-20~+70℃
TX3 3.2*2.5/4/SMD 26M 12pF,10/10ppm,-20~+70℃
WX6 49S 8M 20pF,30/30ppm,-20~+70℃
WX7 49SMD 12M 20pF,30/30ppm,-20~+70℃
TS9 2.0*1.2/2/SMD 32.768KHz 12.5pF,20ppm,-40~+85℃
WX1 3.2*1.5/2/SMD 32.768KHz 12.5pF,20ppm,-40~+85℃
WX2 2*6/DIP 32.768KHz 12.5pF,20ppm,-40~+85℃
Oscillator TC1 2.0*1.6/OSC/SMD 24M 3.3V,50ppm,-40~+85℃
TC2 2.5*2.0/OSC/SMD 25M 3.3V,50ppm,-40~+85’C
TC3 3.2*2.5/OSC/SMD 32.768KHz 3.3V,50ppm,-40~+85’C

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