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Programmable 36V DC-DC Power Module up to 3A

The mEZDPD3603a from Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. is a programmable dc-dc power module up to 3A and 0.6- to 12-Vdc output voltage. This part has a multiple time programmable memory and a simple GUI to program.

These dc-dc power modules are web and field programmable.  All the non-programmed parts (mEZDPD3603A-XXXX) only need current and output voltage values to start the evaluation. Additional parameters have default settings that can be modified, if needed.

Purchase the mEZDPD3603A-0001 Field Programmable module. You’ll also need the PKT- ZPD3603A Programming Kit for Configurable Modules and the Virtual Bench 2.2 software.


Product features

  • 5V to 36V Operating Input
  • 6V to 12V Output Voltage
  • Up to 3A Continuous Current
  • High Efficiency Up to 97%
  • Meets EN55022 Class B Emissions
  • Operation Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Standard DIP Package (16x23x6.5mm)
  • Programmable Parameters
    • Output Voltage
    • Output Current Limit
    • Switching Frequency
    • Multiple Selection Modes
    • Compensation
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