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PowerStor Supercapacitors – High power, high reliability energy storage

Eaton supercapacitors are unique, ultra-high capacitance devices utilizing electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC)
construction combined with new, high performance materials. This combination of advanced technologies allows Eaton to
offer a wide variety of capacitor solutions tailored to specific applications that range from a few microamps for several days to
hundreds of amps for seconds.

  • Coin Cells
  • Small Cylindrical
  • Large Cells
  • Modules
Family Description Type
B 0.22F-2.2F, 2.5V, 0.2-2 ohm, -25 to 70°C Cylindrical Cell
HB 3.0F-110F, 2.5V, 0.16-0.02ohm, -20 to 70°C (+85°C@2.3V) Cylindrical Cell
HV 1.0F-100F, 2.7V, 0.20-0.012ohm, -40 to 65°C (+85°C@2.3V) Cylindrical Cell
KR 0.1F-1.5F, 5.5V, 75-30ohm, -20 to 70°C (+85C @3.3V) Coin Cell
KW 0.1F-1.0F, 5.5V, 75-50ohm , -40 to 85°C Coin Cell
M 1.0F-9.0F, 2.5V, 0.25-0.03ohm, -40 to 65°C (+85°C@2.0V) Cylindrical Cell
PA 0.22F-0.47F, 5V, 0.3-.02ohm, -25 to 70°C Cylindrical Pack
PB 0.1F-1.0F, 5V, 4.0-0.5ohm, -20 to 70°C Cylindrical Pack
PHB 1.5F -5F, 5V, 0.33-0.13ohm, -25 to 70°C Cylindrical Pack
PHV 0.47F-5F, 5.4V, 0.40-0.07ohm, -40 to 65°C Cylindrical Pack
PM 0.47F-3.0F, 5V, 0.50-0.07ohm, -40 to 60°C (+85°C@3.9V) Cylindrical Pack
TV 6.0F-100F, 3V, 0.011-0.035ohm, -40 to 65°C (+85°C@2.5V) Cylindrical Cell
XB 300F-600F, 2.5V, 7.0-3.5mohm, -25 to 70°C Snap In Cell
XL60 3000F, 2.7V, 0.23mohm, -40 to 65°C Large Cell
XV 300F-600F, 2.7V, 6.0-2.6mohm, -40 to 65°C (+85°C@2.3V) Snap In Cell
XLM 62V Module 62V, 130F, 6.7mohm, -40 to 65°C Module
XLR 48V Module 48V, 166F, 5.0mophm, -40 to 65°C Module
XVM 16V Module 16.2V, 65F, 22mohm, -40 to 65°C Module


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